Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Study Notes [8 Aug, 2013]

- Nexus 1000V Seminars

- VSM & VEM Connectivity
    +Layer 2 Connectivity of the VSM and VEM
        +Two virtual interfaces are used to communicate between VSM and VEM : Control Interface & Packet Interface
    +Layer 3 Connectivity of the VSM and VEM (used only when VSM and VEM are in different subnets)
        +svs-domain "svs mode L3 interface (control0 | mgmt0)
- Nexus 1000v Interfaces (All 3 interfaces can share the same VLAN, so can share the same port-profile
    Nexus1000(config)#port-profile type ethernet VSM
    Nexus1000(config-port-prof)#switchport mode access
    Nexus1000(config-port-prof)#switchport access vlan 10
    Nexus1000(config-port-prof)#system vlan 10
- Open V switch (Opensource) >>

- How OpenFlow Changes Networking >>
Network. Back 20 years ago, email was primary application on it. And then web, along with that ecommerce $$, and Voice & Video
came shorty there after. Now about social networking. Now more recently, everyone wanna be mobile. So every applications gotta be mobile.

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  1. Great demonstration in the video. Are there limitations that had to be overcome by doing things that way? Please explain!!!

    Silvester Norman
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