Thursday, July 26, 2012

Types of Memory in a Router

1- RAM
  • DRAM ;
  • used by CPU to execute IOS and hold running-config, routing tables, and ARP cache ;
  • information in RAM is cleared when the router is reloaded ; 
2- ROM
  • referred to as EPROM ;
  • contains POST diagnostics and the bootstrap or boot-loader software ;
  • allows the router to boot from ROM Monitor mode when it cannot find a valid IOS image ;
 3- Flash
  • available as EPROMs, SIMMs, or PCMCIA cards ;
  • default location where a router finds and boots its IOS image ;
  • contents of Flash are retained when the router is reloaded ;
  • stores startup-config ;
  • contains the software configuration register, a configurable setting in IOS that determines which image to use when booting the router ;
  • contents of NVRAM are retained when the router is reloaded ; 

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