Saturday, November 27, 2010

OSPF Stub Area

We all know how to configure an OSPF Stub Area. It can be done with just one command. But, the points I wanna share with you here are from Network Planning Point of View (or) when you need to make a presentation to your customer about some parts of your current operational OSPF area will migrate to an OSPF Stub Area. The points we should include in our presentation are :

- What types of LSAs are not being originated within stub area;
- The Hellos originated by the router into the stub area will have E=0 in the
Options field;
- Existing OSPF adjacency will be broken;
- *Downtime should be scheduled because routing will be disrupted until all routers
are reconfigured as stub area ;
- Verify/Prove that the size of the OSPF database has been reduced;

*The most important fact we have to plan/highlight to the customer is.

feel that we need to know those facts rather than just typing the command.

Reference : Routing TCP/IP Volume 1, Second Edition ; Page 423

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